The lectures shall give an overview on central topics from the field. Each lecture will be given from a leading expert and is presented as a streamed talk. The talks are aimed as introductions to a topic with a target group of interested students from a heterogenous background in mind. None the less, the talks will not stop at broad introduction, but will highlight, on the one hand the interdisciplinarity of the field through providing different perspectives. And, on the other hand, will give in-depth examples on methodological issues and application in models.

Overview of topics of the Open Developmental Robotics Course:

  1. Motor Development, Pierre-Yves Oudeyer, INRIA
  2. Body Babbling, Giorgio Metta, IIT (unconfirmed)
  3. Imitation, Yukie Nagai, Osaka
  4. Social Development, Vincent Reid, Lancester University
  5. Cognitive Development, Linda Smith, Indiana University
  6. Language Acquisition, Angelo Cangelosi, Plymouth
  7. Interaction (Contigency), Britta Wrede, Bielefeld
  8. Multimodality, Stefan Kopp, Bielefeld

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